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Экшены для Photoshop Newborn Actions Made Easy! (BP4U)

109 рублей

20 экшенов:
Simple Fix - Just a quick fix that is always a great starting point in your newborn editing! Sometimes it's all you need!
Newborn brightener - A touch of brightening to make that baby pop!
Newborn Contrast - A touch of contrast to bring life to your photo!
Oh so smooth skin - Helps you effortlessly smooth the baby and give that perfect complexion!
Baby blemish remover - Assists in smoothing out baby acne and other imperfections to have newborn perfect skin!
Skin tone corrector - This action helps you fix your white balance to have those perfect skin tones that helps shape an awesome photograph!
Creamy Skin - This action helps neutralize and balance skin tones to make your newborn have creamy, amazing skin!
Red Skin fixer - A quick fix for too much red in your newborn, a common problem among new babies!
Green Skin fixer - A quick fix for too much green in the photos!
Yellow Skin fixer - A quick fix for too much yellow in your photo!
Make those whites, white! - Change your white blanket to a pure white and give it that extra boost it needs with this awesome action!
Make those blacks, black! - Make those black blankets truly black to help your baby stand out and pop against its backdrop!
Blanket Fader! - This action assists you in polishing off the 'blanket fade' that is all the rage in newborn photography these days!
Composite this photo! - This assists you in compositing two photos effortlessly. Great for beginners or anyone wanting to save some time!
Smile Switcher - Do you want to turn that frown upside down but love the rest of the pose? No problem. Use the smile switcher to composite two photos and trade the smiles!
Eye opener-closer - Want the eyes open? Closed? If you have two similar photos you can open or close the eyes with ease! This action walks you through compositing and switching the eyes!
Bright Matte - A creative action that will add a little something extra to your photograph!
Antique Matte - Get creative with this action and take a great photograph to the next level!
Warm Matte - Add a little creativity to your photo with the click of a button with this awesome action!
Sharpen that baby! - Sharpen your photograph just the right amount for use on Facebook or even print!
That is a total of 20 awesome actions to speed up your workflow and help give you expert skills to WOW all your clients!

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